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Below is a quick and easy way to directly connect with several employers in your area who are hiring right now!

This form should only take between 5-10 minutes to complete, and will allow you to apply to more than one job at a time. The best part is: these employers have committed to responding to your application within a week, and most of them are ready to hire immediately!

Fill out the information below and click "SUBMIT". Please make sure that your contact information is accurate - this is how employers will contact you for interviews and job offers.

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We will do our very best to connect you with employers hiring for your chosen job type(s), but some job types might not be immediately available in your area. If that is the case, we will be sure to notify you as soon as we receive openings for them!

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Please select the job type(s) that you are interested in, and we will show you the Better Work employers who are currently hiring for those job types. From there, you can select the employers you'd like to send an application to..

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If you have a resume, you can upload it on this page as well. Please make sure it is in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

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Important notice from Better Work (and affiliated organizations): While we strive to have accurate information regarding the jobs we list, the terms of employment including pay, benefits, work hours, and vacation may change at any time and are at the discretion of the employer. No guarantee is made here that any job offer received will match the details shown above. Also, while the employer has agreed to provide an interview to anyone meeting the basic job requirements included here, the employer can change its policy at any time without notice.

You agree, acknowledge, and expressly permit Better Work, through its agents, employees, and partners, to share your application data with potential employers and service partners. Any information in the application process that is labeled as not being shared with employers will remain confidential unless you expressly agree to us sharing that information in writing.


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Before we send your application to employers, we need to speak with you for just a few minutes to make sure we are sending the right information to the right companies, and that we understand how we can best help you be successful.

SCHEDULE YOUR CALL No calendar choosen. Please contact site administrator.

Here's what happens next:

Once we have a conversation with you, we will send your information to the employers that you selected and let them know you're interested. From there, we pass it off to the employers to follow up with you to schedule interviews, so make sure you are keeping an eye out for an email, text message or phone call from them to set that up!

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Manage your appointment

IMPORTANT NOTE: Over the next few days and weeks, employers will be reaching out to you in response to your application:

It is very important that you do all of the following:

- Answer phone calls, even if they're from an unknown number

- Check your email daily and respond in 24 hours or less (immediately is best, if possible)

- Have your voicemail set up, and make sure your voicemail inbox is not full so that they can leave you a message if they need to

Remember: they have to be able to contact you in order to hire you!

Here's what you can expect from us:

In addition to the call we will have with you, we will be sending you an email here and there with helpful information about how to get (and keep) a good job, interview tips, and free resources in your area.

If you need help right now:

Please go to and select your community (Gwinnett or Columbus etc..). From there, you can search for extra support, mentorship, and other helpful information.


1. Please make sure that the contact number listed above is the number you want us to call! If not, please click 'Manage your appointment' and update your information.

2. SET A REMINDER FOR YOURSELF! We recommend using your phone's calendar app, but you can also write yourself a note and put it somewhere that you'll definitely see it - like the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator. We will also send you an email reminder, just in case.

3. REMEMBER: This step is required to complete the application. We do not send your information to employers until after we have spoken with you!

Good job, and good luck!

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